Cement Industry

The cement industry demands a tight control over operations, end-to-end. The manufacturers need to ensure a hassle-free supply chain, and monitor the inventory in real-time from raw material procurement to shipping for a smoother operational flow. It’s also important to manage raw material and fuel requirements for uninterrupted production batches, back to back. The machines in the cement industry experience wear and tear and require timely maintenance due to continuous run. Therefore, manufacturers focus lies on scheduled maintenance and preventive methods so that the process cells are always functional and downtime in minimized. Also, complete visibility of maintenance cost and budget is vital to optimize maintenance expenses and regulate the cost of production. The industry even encounters stringent regulatory compliances related to environment and following safe manufacturing practices for the labours.

ERP for cement fosters integrated information flow amongst different landscapes of production for end to end synchronization and nonstop occurrence of events one after the other. Allows the manufacturers to maintain optimum temperature, pressure and suitable angle in the cement kiln along with predicting the rate of chemical reaction based on the quantities of raw material to form molten lava and cement clinkers on cooling. Efficient Planning and Scheduling modules make timely procurement's and keep wastage at bay; thus accommodating scope for future growth and sales target achievement. A number of quality tests can be applied on raw materials, formulas, processes as well as final product at different points in supply chain, simply on a click of a button. Microsenze ERP for Cement is a versatile solution that supports at every stage of cement manufacturing, thereby strategically winning over the tough market competition and webbing your success story.

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