In last decade or so, the world of fashion has undergone a huge shake-up. Booming e-commerce has changed the face of fashion industry completely, and at the center of it has been technology. The consumers have bid adieu to the days when clothes shopping was restricted to the local market. Digital has become a key part of their shopping experience, and with this new-found empowerment, the consumer has well and truly become the king. Dealing with this new-age consumerism, and shifting consumer needs is a major challenge for the apparel manufacturers; so is managing brand loyalty, sustainability, inventory, and improving efficiency, quality and speed.

ERP for Fashion Industry is a dynamic suite of software products tailored to the frequently changing needs of fashion industry. An integrated and configurable solution, it allows the manufacturers to manage the entire fashion supply chain in a hassle free manner. The solution has been designed after years of industry-specific research to address the unique challenges the different brand owners, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers face today. From product designing, sourcing, demand management, supply chain planning, production & inventory management, and support for multi-channel distribution

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