Manage your restaurant operation, including POS terminals, kitchen system, staff and inventory from headquarters. Thanks to LS First powerful data replication, if you decide to change a dish’s ingredients, a menu or several prices, you will only need to enter the information in the system from back office. The system will take care of transmitting the change across the whole organization instantly.

Manage all your channels centrally. Set up your menus, recipes and deals -including up-selling possibilities and the option to make modification – for all your sales channels, from physical restaurant locations, to e-commerce site, to the mobile loyalty app. With central management, you have more control over your brand – and more free time to devote to your marketing efforts.

Choose the right employees for your company, manage and organize your labor force efficiently, save time and reduce your costs. LS First for restaurants contains a host of features that can help you manage your staffing, from recruitment and selection process, down to staff training and management of employees’ performance.

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