What is the best way to make retail businesses easier for food and beverages types businesses? This is a question that has been going around in the retail industry for a very long time. In today’s digital world, every industry is making use of digital solutions, retail industry for food and beverage businesses are also best served with digital solutions. Microsenze provides the most reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 modified ERP systems that fulfill all the requirements for Food and Beverage businesses. We provide tailored software solutions that can provide all services including:

  • Record Keeping for Employees in Food and Beverage.
  • Check Ins and Check Outs for Employees.
  • Integrated Stock Ordering.
  • Integrated Back Stock Records.
  • Record Keeping for Customers or Clients.
  • Feedback Menus for Customers.
  • Automatic Ordering Systems from Clients or customers.

Traditional ways of doing business in retail of food and beverage industry have involved paperwork and manual calculations with entries and records, this system although has worked well enough, yet is very prone to mistakes leading to the largest of errors. We have a Gold Partnership with Microsoft that allows us complete excess to their Dynamics 365 software system, which can be customized in any way required providing easy to use front-end layers and much reliable secure behind the scenes data storage.

A software system is regarded as a good one only if it is easy to use for its operators. A high quality ERP system can go to waste if it is too complicated and no one can learn how to use it.Simplifies this for our clients by introducing our easy user interface software solutions that can also be tailored just according to client needs making them feel right at home with their software systems. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 is also a type of ERP system that allows for various customization at its front end and user interface for people who know how to use it. Years of experience in the software technology sector are able to tailor the system just according to our client’s needs and make their retail for Food and Beverage businesses much easier to handle and operate.

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