SAP is one of the world's leading producers of software for the management of business procsses, developing solutions that enable effective data processing and information flow across organisations.

SAP software products provide powerful instruments for helping companies to manage their financials, logistics, human resources, and other business areas. The backbone of SAP software offering is SAP ERP system which is the most advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system from currently available ones.

SAP has evolved to offer application software for supporting complex business functionality. SAP can manage practically all departments at your organization, revolutionizing the way your business is operated.

Our Approach

Microsenze offers comprehensive SAP consulting services and proven project management expertise that helps our clients transform the way they interact with their customers, suppliers and employees. Our senior-level consultants have a perfect combination of technical proficiency, business management, management, and project insight that enables them to successfully lead a team through the whole workflow development lifecycle.

Our catalog of SAP services begins with consulting services that focus on selecting the most appropriate solution for every need and in the design of the optimal implementation strategy.

Microsenze is experienced SAP technology consultant. Our skill across industries assists us to craft industry detailed solutions using proven performances. We assist organizations to execute and control applications by the vital SAP Solution Manager platforms.

SAP Consulting Services

  • Implementations.

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

  • Upgrade Planning and Delivery.

  • Value-Driven Business Optimization.

  • SAP Professional Staffing Services.

  • Optimize the management of the supply chain.

  • Provide tools for planning and monitoring of facilities maintenance.